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Our Project Approach

It starts with having our principals involved in every project. Their experience and relationships in the industry ensure that the project succeeds. We understand that no two projects, even similarly sized renovations in the same building, are exactly alike. 

For each project, we assign a customized team dedicated to solving its unique challenges. This consists of Vantage employees and external vendors and subcontractors who work together to exceed our client’s expectations. 

Underscoring each and every client engagement is our commitment to client service, jobsite worker safety and maintaining open lines of communication. We view each engagement as an opportunity to create a long-term, lasting relationship and are very proud of our track record of working with clients on multiple projects.


Your Vantage Builders Project Team

Project Executive

The project executive is a key member of the managing team who is tasked with the responsibility of maintaining efficiency within the entire project system. This includes the coordination among the design team, the construction management firm and the subcontractors.

Project Manager

The project manager is the main point of contact for the project, who ensures that the project proceeds without delays. The PM is also tasked with solving any issues that may impact the progress of the project during both the Pre-Construction and Construction phases.

Project Engineer

The project engineer is tasked to process all the documentation for the project. The PE is responsible for making sure all the documents are filed with the project database software and shared with the project team.


The responsibility of an estimator is to manage the construction budget. The estimator is also responsible for obtaining qualified subcontractors.


The project superintendent is responsible for the day-to-day construction activity on the job site. The superintendent is responsible for identifying any potential issues before they arise and provide solutions, so they do not affect the project schedule. By keeping track of the day-to-day activities, the superintendent helps nullify the risk of costly project delays.


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