The Vantage Approach

It starts with having our principals involved in every project. Their experience and relationships in the industry ensure that the project succeeds. We understand that no two projects, even similarly sized renovations in the same building, are exactly alike. 

For each project, we assign a customized team dedicated to solving its unique challenges. This consists of Vantage employees and external vendors and subcontractors who work together to exceed our client’s expectations. 

Underscoring each and every client engagement is our commitment to client service, jobsite worker safety, technology and maintaining open lines of communication. We view each engagement as an opportunity to create a long-term, lasting relationship and are very proud of our track record of working with clients on multiple projects.


Construction Technology

When most people think of a construction site, a few images quickly pass through their mind’s eye – a hard hat, tools, a crane, maybe a bulldozer or other earth-moving equipment. What about a laptop, an iPad, a mobile phone app or a software program? They might not be as readily associated with construction but they are just as present on our jobsites and just as critical to the successful completion of your project.

Of course, we shouldn’t be surprised to think of construction and technology. After all, now think of an ancient civilization – Greek, Roman, Aztec, Chinese, take your pick. What comes to mind? Most likely a structure of some sort, whether it’s a pyramid, a building, a statue or a wall. Those lasting testaments to our great civilizations don’t stand to this day due only to the material used and certainly not by accident. It was the technology of the day, in the hands of skilled architects, planners and construction workers, that have made them last. 

Vantage Builders integrates technology into all facets of its workforce and jobsites, not for the sake of technology itself. For us, it’s another tool to make our job sites safer, to communicate more effectively with our clients and among the project team, and to most efficiently complete your project. 

All superintendents are outfitted with an iPad to have constant access to Procore Technologies construction management software, which is utilized to share information readily and in real-time with all project team members. Each week our supers send a Friday e-blast email with detailed project updates and photos, while their two-week look-ahead ensures your project stays on schedule. 

In both the field and in the office, Vantage Builders utilizes Microsoft Project to create in-depth project schedules, as well as Microsoft Teams and Zoom to conduct meetings by phone or video whenever possible.

Project Management Tools

Procore Technologies

Vantage utilizes a project management platform, Procore Technologies, which allows everyone real time access to plans, specs, RFIs, submittals, daily reports, safety inspections and punchlist.

Weekly Meetings

Our construction team conducts weekly meetings with the client and A/E team to discuss project status, identify issues and determine next steps. Any schedule deviations are discussed and a plan is created to eliminate any impact to the project end date.

Microsoft Project

We utilize Microsoft Office for creating in depth project schedules which include preconstruction, procurement, construction and post construction activities.

Friday E-Blasts

Each week our superintendent sends a project update email to all key members of the project team. The emails include a project status, plans for the following week and photos from the site.

Look-Ahead Schedules

The on-site superintendent generates a two-week look-ahead schedule and reviews it with the project team each week to monitor activities and ensure that project goals are met.

Your Vantage Builders Project Team

Project Executive

The project executive is a key member of the managing team who is tasked with the responsibility of maintaining efficiency within the entire project system. This includes the coordination among the design team, the construction management firm and the subcontractors.

Project Manager

The project manager is the main point of contact for the project, who ensures that the project proceeds without delays. The PM is also tasked with solving any issues that may impact the progress of the project during both the Pre-Construction and Construction phases.

Project Engineer

The project engineer is tasked to process all the documentation for the project. The PE is responsible for making sure all the documents are filed with the project database software and shared with the project team.


The responsibility of an estimator is to manage the construction budget. The estimator is also responsible for obtaining qualified subcontractors.


The project superintendent is responsible for the day-to-day construction activity on the job site. The superintendent is responsible for identifying any potential issues before they arise and provide solutions, so they do not affect the project schedule. By keeping track of the day-to-day activities, the superintendent helps nullify the risk of costly project delays.


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